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Rotating timing bezels are most commonly marked with a 60-minute scale, and are used in conjunction with the minute hand to time events up to one hour in length.
Historically, rotating bezels have functioned totally independently from the movements that resided within the case of the watch; however Rolex s Ring Command bezel has changed this, and merged the two into a single piece of integrated mechanical engineering.
Although they are not currently an offering in Rolex s present-day catalogue, engine turned bezels represent a historically popular alternative to the replica Rolex s fluted and smooth bezels. Manufactured in a number of subtle design variations and metal options throughout the years, engine turned bezels have always been the perfect option for those that did not want a fluted bezel.
Most commonly craft from gold, textured bezels often have their textures mirrored on the bracelets of their accompanying watches, and most frequently appear on limited, ornate iterations, or those that were made as a unique order. Because of its relative size and outstanding placement, the bezel has a meaningful effect on the overall design and functionality of a timepiece. Below is an overview of the different types of bezels that are fitted to Rolex s various fake watches.
The fluted bezel is one of the most typical and iconic Rolex design elements, even making its way to the wall-mounted clocks located in shopping malls and airports around the world. At the beginning, the fluting on Rolex bezels had the function of enabling the bezel to be screwed down onto the middle case of the watch to help ensure waterproof; however, today the fluting on Rolex bezels is purely ornamental. Fluted Rolex bezels are particularly craft from solid gold and serve as a mark of distinction among Rolex s various timepieces.
The smooth bezel is Rolex s most traditional bezel design, and is craft from stainless steel, gold, or platinum. Depending on the specific fake watch and year of production, smooth bezels can range from flat to dome. Even though the smooth bezel is not a design unique to swiss replica watches, it is easily the most understated, versatile, and timeless among all the different Rolex bezel styles, and is the default option for Rolex s entry-level watches.
The different bezels fitted on Rolex s various sport/professional lines of watches all belong to the larger, professional category of bezels. Different from a traditional bezel, whose core function is to add a design element and look good, professional bezels have markings on them to aid with the specialized, additional function of the sport/professional watch. Professional bezels fall into three general categories.